If I had a nickel for every time I hear “oh you can hurt me I was told it will make me better” I would be rich. A deep tissue massage can have moments of “hurts so good” but it should NEVER cause pain. I have had some painful massages and no, I did not feel better later and no, I never went back.

If you find yourself holding your breath and squirming trying to get away, that is too much pressure. If you feel that discomfort and pain let the therapists know so they can back off.  Deep tissue work can be mildly uncomfortable but within a few moments that feeling will become much less.

A deep tissue massage done properly will warm up the tissue allowing the therapist to get “deeper” while causing no harm or pain.  There are times when a tissue is “grumpy” and irritated that it will be tender to touch.  With time and treatment, the tissue will feel better and less sensitive to the same pressure and touch.

The number one complaint I hear about massage therapists  is that they don’t know when to reduce the pressure and end up going TOO DEEP.

The second most common is that therapists are putting pressure directly on bones, and even the spine! Yikes!

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