Body Awareness…Are You Listening?

Body awareness is just what it sounds like, being aware of your body. Most of us walk around oblivious to the body we live in. The aches in your back, a persistent twinge between your shoulders, or the slight limp you develop are all body cues. There are certain generalities we can make when it comes to the body and stress. Anxiety, for example, is usually expressed in the shoulders and abdomen; anger, in the jaw, forehead and upper chest; sadness, as a heaviness in the legs.

It is not unusual that the physical location of pain or discomfort provides vital clues to what kind of stress you’re being exposed to long before you’re actually aware of it. Body awareness is a way to deal with stress. It is important to check in with ourselves throughout the day so we can make those needed changes before they overwhelm you.

Regular massage (at least once a month or more) increases body awareness. Getting massages forces us to pay more attention to ourselves. We become more aware of the aches and pains that we ignore. When you do one thing that is good for you it snowballs and you want to do more good things for yourself. Massage encourages taking better care of ourselves.

Listen to your body. Think about all the sensations that our body can produce – positive and negative – fatigue, digestive issues, back pain, headache – steady energy, effective digestion, relaxed muscles, feeling of well-being …massage will help you become body aware and can help you overcome the negative sensations and produce positive ones.

Take time and be one with your body.