Massage as a Healthcare Ally

Frequent massage treatments are a powerful healthcare ally. Preventative or maintenance care is possibly the most important type of massage. People that wait until they are injured or in pain before getting a massage often spend twice as much annually as those that commit to a maintenance care plan regardless of pain or injury. Just like working out, eating well or visiting your dentist for regular cleanings it is regular care that really makes the difference. When the healthy, and trying-to-be-healthy, among us, seek out massage on a regular basis, it helps us live a proactively healthier life.

One way in which frequent massage can improve our quality of life is by alleviating stress. Experts say more than 90 percent of disease is stress-related, and nothing ages us fasterĀ (inside or out) than the effects of stress. Experts note that frequent massage can reduce the accumulation of stress and improve overall health. Frequent massage puts you more in tune with your body. The consistency of receiving regular massage therapy has the potential to create the cumulative effect of feeling well and feeling better.

Massage is also very beneficial for chronic pain. By relaxing spastic muscles massage helps the structure of the body return to a neutral position. Massage addresses stress points in the body that affect the structure and cause chronic pain. 

Regardless  if you are an athlete, desk jockey, busy parent or retiree massage should be an essential component of your health care plan. Therapeutic massage, when applied correctly is more than just an hour of relaxation. It is necessary to move through life with ease and free from pain.