Stretch Your Way to Stress Relief

Stretch your way to stress relief. Seriously. If you can take a few moments a day to daydream you can take a moment or two to stretch. To properly stretch you really need to shut off the outer world for a moment and breathe deeply (daydreaming in motion).

The benefits of stretching are many; increased circulation, reduced stress, increased flexibility, increase in joint range of motion, reduction of back pain, improved posture and better mental focus.

The issues my clients come in with have to do with stiff tight muscles. Especially those in the neck, back, and shoulders. When your upper trap gets overworked from using the mouse and keyboard all day, it will affect your neck and your ability to look over your shoulder. It then works its way down to your scapula area leaving you with a sore shoulder and arm.

When you sit at your desk for an 8 hour day with limited breaks you end up stiff, sore and in pain. Do this for 5 days in a row for 50 weeks year after year you feel like your desk chair; stiff and immovable. Don’t become your chair. Find a few stretches that you can do at your desk. And do them several times a day. Set an alarm on your phone for every 30 minutes and do 2 or more stretches. By the end of the day you will feel less stiff.

A trick I used when I was stuck in the Cubicle Farm was drinking a ton of water. I would then find the furthest bathroom to use. It equals a mini break to stretch your legs.

I have several short videos found on my face book page that show you ways to stretch at your desk and at home. Check them out and pick a few favorites that will work for you.