The importance of stretching.

You see the commercials for the medications, creams, heat pads and copper bandages all to help fix your aching problems. You know the ones. Stiff necks, low back pain, bum knees, and hips. Instead of looking for a fix outside of your body tune into your body and use it the way it was meant to be used. The body needs to move; bend, twist and stretch. We were not made to sit for hours and hours on end. Sitting for hours, days, weeks, years can cause many problems for our bodies.How we work has changed over the generations. The better the technology the less we seem to move. We need to make an effort to move more when not working. And when you are working try to take more mini breaks to move and stretch to prevent that stiffness from acting up.

As a former personal trainer and survivor of the cubicle farm, I understand and want to help you feel better. You will find some pics of stretches on my FB page that you can do at your desk.  Try and do them on a daily basis and see how it makes you feel.