Top Ways to Take Care of Yourself Between Massage

We can’t always get massaged as often as we’d like. I know that I certainly don’t. Here are just a few things you can do to prolong the health-giving benefits of your massage between sessions. Included at the end are a few self-care items.

Take time to relax. Arrange your schedule to include more downtime. Go away for the weekend, or even just for an hour!

Stretch. Take stretch breaks during the day to prevent pain from building. Gently stretch tense areas in your neck, back, and limbs. 

Listen to your body. Body awareness is just what it sounds like, being aware of your body. Most of us walk around oblivious to the body we live in. The aches in your back, a persistent twinge between your shoulders, or the slight limp you develop are all body cues. If you feel your shoulders by your ears you need to lower them. 

Movement/exercise.  I like the saying motion is lotion.  Exercise is a great way to increase range of movement, to work out those kinks from your job, increase circulation, and release endorphins. Find something you like to do and you will do it more often. Avoid being a rat on a wheel and you will more likely succeed with your exercise regime.

Tools to use in between your massage appointments.

Back Knobber   

Is a great tool to work on those hurt so good spots that you can not reach. You may have seen me using it in the office once or twice.

Foam Roller  

Foam rollers will be found at almost every gym. They can be used to “roll” out the tight and tender spots. There are also good exercises that can be done with them.

Heat Pad 

Simple, who does not like some heat on sore backs, necks etc.

Tennis balls 

Similar to the back knobber and foam roller. Just another way to get to those tender spots.

Taking the time to care for yourself is not selfish but necessary.  You can not be the best at anything if you do not take the best care of you.