The Magical Massage Therapist

Many comments at the end of a massage sound like “Wow! You are like magic. I feel so much better.” Or I am asked  “How do you find the right spots? I swear you are a magician.” Just call me Kreskin the Massage Magician! haha

To be honest there is no magic. There is lots of observation, repetition, and listening going on. Some days I do think there is a little intuition added but mostly I just watch and feel. I think most good massage therapists are huge people watchers before they ever become a therapist. You have to watch how someone moves, observe the expressions on their face and listen to what they are saying or not saying. Then throw in massage training and the study of anatomy and kinesiology. Poof, you have a massage therapist. Like magic wink wink…

I wish it had been that easy, lol. Knowing your anatomy and understanding of how the body moves is a huge aspect of massage. The ache in your lower back is most likely not just an ache in your lower back. A repetitive movement or non-movement can cause the ache. A sprained ankle followed by weeks of limping can suddenly bring on that backache. Sitting in a stationary position for 8 hours a day, week after week, year after year will cause that shoulder issue. Planning your wedding can cause you extreme stress pulling those shoulders up to your ears as if they were earrings and causing you neck pain.

Knowing all this helps me magically find the spot. Seeing you walk stiffly into the office, watching you ease yourself down on a chair all help me to know right where to work. When a client comes in on a regular basis I get to know them personally and physically. I can see a different walk. I can listen to the story of their day or week and know what other areas need attention. Someone may say “oh my back is “ tweaky”  today. Because I have built an ongoing relationship I know they run on a regular basis and “know” to work their legs too even when they say their legs are fine. That is the real magic. Getting to know one another. Caring for one another. Taking some time to listen and observe.