The Importance of Listening to Your Body.

Do you hear that?

Shhh….listen. It’s your body. It’s telling you something. Are you listening? Do you hear what it’s saying?

Remember when you were a kid sitting in the back seat with your siblings. They would lightly touch you. You “stop it”….again touch….You “please stop” …again touch…You “stop.” …again touch and back and forth until you are hollering at them to “CUT IT OUT!”  fully aggravated and mom or dad have threatened to pull the car over and make you all walk home.

That is you and your body. Poke poke poke (body). Ignore ignore ignore…Then POKE!   Now you can’t ignore because you can no longer look over your shoulder and the pain is throbbing constantly.

I know I am NOT a good listener when it comes to my body talking to me. I have a tendency to ignore it until it is hollering and throwing a tantrum.

Our body/brain is very good at sending us signals and telling us things if we listen. Our brain only wants to protect us from real and perceived harm. Even little things like sitting in one position for too long can do some harm, so our body will give a signal so we will change positions and move.

Sitting and working on your computer too long. Our body will send a little poke in the neck/shoulder area. “Hey time to move” Your busy with a deadline so you ignore the little poke and then…

Well, you see where this is going.

If you listen to those little pokes you can avoid some bigger ones.

My body has been poking me for weeks and I have ignored and said ya ya I will stretch later. I am now suffering from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) like symptoms (pain and numbness running down my arm).  I have had a massage this week and been to the chiro. I am doing my stretches and exercises, going back for more body work next week. Who knows how long it will take to get better. I hope only a couple weeks but I ignored this for so long there are some bad habits (aka Neurological pain pathways) that need to be corrected.

Those little aches and pains may be an annoyance (just like a little sister) but they are important to listen to.  If your neck feels stiff and achy take a break from the computer move and stretch.  No one wants numbness running down their arm trust me.