Movement Matters

As I get older I realize how important movement is. Everyone seems to move in a vertical plane only.  We sit, we stand, sit, stand, sit, stand and then go to bed. All of this same ol same ol movement only uses certain muscles which can cause repetitive stress issues or as I like to say grumpy tissues. We become strong in one direction and weak in another. This imbalance does cause issues. How soon you notice them or how severe you feel them can depend on several factors from the stress in your life, length of time you have been moving like this, and lack of other activities.

I always recommend finding an exercise program you like to do and add that to your life and include daily stretch breaks throughout your day. Something else that is important to do (it may sound silly) is to get on the floor. Just getting down and up from the floor uses all kinds of muscles that you do not necessarily use when you sit and get up from a chair.  It is a great way to activate unused muscles, work on balance and proprioception. I have heard several times this winter people speaking about their fear of falling and the fear of not being able to get back up. No one wants to fall and being confident in your ability to get back up is important.

Not everyone likes to exercise or is willing to go find the time and activity to do it. We all get caught up working and forget to stretch.  Sitting on the floor could be easy to add into your life. Just don’t sit on the couch or comfy chair when watching tv. Sit on the floor. When putting on your shoes and socks. Gathering up a mess from the floor sit and collect it all and stand up with it. Watch children. They spend a ton of time on the floor. Mimic them. Move like a child and maybe you can feel like one.