Managing Stress


From mental to physical, stress can cause problems.

I see it all the time. Neck, shoulders, backs and more. Digestive issues to sleep problems. Stress is an underlying cause.

I am asked often do I have any stress. haha, yup…I own a business be it small but it has lots of stress. I am a mom. They are young adults but they still cause stress and worries. This job is physical which means lots of physical repetitive motion stress. And I do spend time sitting in front of this dang computer. So I do have plenty of stress.


don’t sit like this

What do I do for my stress?

Exercise. I try and work out every morning for at least 30 minutes. I like to weight train most, but I do have days where I just stretch or even do a short yoga video.

Meditate. Meditation is very helpful at managing my stress. I use an App to help me (there are plenty out there to choose from). It offers guided meditation as short as 1 min to 60 min and longer.  They offer first time sessions, relax, stress, sleep, mindfulness, anxiety and soooo much more .

Walk. I try to get outside for 10-20 minutes.  Just simple walking helps clear the head. The fresh air and sunshine are a bonus.

What else can help reduce stress?

Listening to music you love. Sing and dance like no one is watching. It will boost your heart rate and elevate your endorphin’s.


Shut off your phone, PC, table etc.

Get in the car and drive to nowhere.

Clean house.  Clutter is stressful. Knowing you have a dirty “xyz” can cause you stress. Taking 20 min to focus and clean 1 space will leave you feeling accomplished and allows your brain to wander while you do the mindless picking up. 

Managing stress is all about finding a way to relax and tune out for just a bit.  The benefits of those 20 minutes are enormous.  We can not get away from life’s daily stresses but we can tune out and check in with ourselves to relax and maybe prevent some of the problems caused by chronic stress.