Lower back pain is all in your glutes.

Client issues seem to come in groupings, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder, hips….Lately I have been seeing more clients with lower back discomfort. I hear “I feel so tight in my hamstrings and hips” often when someone talks about their lower back issue.

When something “feels tight” it can often mean the muscle is shortened. When a muscle is “shortened,” it needs to be stretched. However, muscles can also feel tight when they are overstretched aka over lengthened and not at their ideal. This is actually more often the case when it comes to our hamstrings. Heck, they can even feel tight because they are protecting our body from further injury because of glute inactivity and core instability.

No one says my glutes are overactive and tight. Nor do they say my glutes are inactive.

Most lower back issues are due to INACTIVE glutes. Yup we sit on our tushies far too much and they are getting pretty darn lazy.  They are sleeping on the job, literally.

When you come in for a massage be it on the table or on the mat (thai massage) and say your lower back hurts I am going to work on your hamstrings and glutes. And I am going to give you homework.

What kind of homework you ask? The Glute strengthening kind.  When you combine regular exercises and massage you will feel a difference in your back pain. You have to be consistent,  you have to be compliant, you are the only one who can make you feel better. I am here to help. I will do manual work, I will show you exercises to do and I will cheer you on, but when you go home you gotta do your homework I won’t be there.  Consistency is the key to recovery.

It is time for a revolution. It is time to WAKE UP YOUR GLUTES!