Tips and tricks when receiving mat based massage.


Are you a little confused with what to do when getting Thai bodywork (mat work)?   I thought I would help you with some tips and tricks.

  1. Clothing: workout style (Long pants and T-shirts are best).
  2. Relax, but don’t fall asleep.
  3. Pay attention to your body, where it hurts, where it feels good, any changes that happen during the session.
  4. Communicate: Let me know where you are at on a pain scale of 1-10. The more I learn  the more it helps me get you the best outcome. If a stretch or compression is uncomfortable tell me and I can adjust it and still be effective. 
  5. When I ask you to lie on your side do not curl up into the fetal position. I know this is comfy but I need your body straight not all curled up. When you are curled up I can not get to the muscles the way I need to. Remember tip #2 you are not going to sleep.
  6. Let ME move your limbs. When you “help” you are keeping the muscles engaged and I can not tell if the muscle is contracted or tight.  I promise I will not hurt you or make you dance the funky chicken.
  7. Along with the let me move you there are times when a smidgen of assistance is helpful. I will let you know.  Too much of a dead limb can be unmanageable for me. If I am trying to move your leg in one direction but you are playing Weekend at Bernies it may drop in the opposite direction.
  8. If I twist you just roll with it.  Resistance is futile (insert evil laugh here).
  9. When I ask you to press into my hands you do not have to try and knock me over. It is about activating the muscles not showing how strong you are.  Give me about 25% of your Hulk strength. The same goes for when I tell you to resist my pushing or pulling on you. 
  10. Breathe. When I find a hurt so good spot holding your breath will not help. You will only turn blue and pass out. Deep breathing works best.
  11. And the final tip……ENJOY!!

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